CA: Sammy’s Law Suggested After CPS Takes Baby When Mom Asks for 2nd Medical Opinion

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A new bill aims to change the way Child Protective Services operates in California.

The bill is called Sammy’s Law, named after a Sacramento baby taken from his home by CPS when his mom asked for a second medical opinion.

Ruby Dillon has been fighting to get her child back for more than a year.

“My daughter is completely distraught, it’s just terrible,” she said. “She’s nowhere near the child she used to be.”

Scarred and healing from being sexually abused by her father, the 9-year-old stays with various families while Ruby tries to undo the CPS report that has now been found to be wrong.

“I have a copy of a police report, and a copy of the social services report, and the police report by trained investigators is a 180-degree difference from what’s written by a social worker,” she said.

Sammy’s Law Would Require Recording CPS Interviews With Parents. April 8, 2014