Reuters Investigation explores American Underground Market for Adopted Children

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You may have seen some of the postings on Yahoo! conferences pitching adoptable children, wondering whether the messages were genuine, or whether they were only a cruel hoax. Reuters News conducted a special investigation: The Child Exchange: Inside America’s Underground Market for Adopted Children

The Reuter’s investigation is a long-overdue look at the underbelly of a poorly regulated industry. What happens to adopted children when their “forever homes” turn sour? Where do the children wind up?


Inga Whatcott, adopted from Russia, holds two stuffed dolls she saved from her orphanage in Russia, outside her apartment in Battle Creek, Michigan, in this May 26, 2013 photograph. REUTERS/ Rebecca Cook

Abandoned time and time again

A mother decides she adopted ‘a pig in a poke’ and sends her daughter away. Inga: ‘My parents didn’t want me. Russia didn’t want me. I didn’t want to live.’ Full Article